Thank you very much for sponsoring me. Ever since I joined Tae Kwondo, it has changed my life. Thank you very much for teaching me Self-Defense, even though I wasn’t a Black Belt. Like you always said, to be a Black Belt was in my heart and yours every day. I appreciate that you gave me the chance to show you who I really am. Thank you for everything.
Jordan, 5th Grade
July 21, 2016
We have felt so fortunate to have our children in your school because your focus has clearly been on the right things: making them better people, not just students. We have so valued that your heart and soul was in the right place when it came to our kids. You respected them as the whole child, as a developing person; they felt that and it showed in their growing confidence. They loved Tae Kwondo because they felt good about themselves doing it. Our kids have loved being your students. They have found themselves in your studio. We thank you for all your support, instruction, love, and patience. You are gifted teachers.
The Laurie Family
July 21, 2016
My son Cameron has always struggled with social issues despite being a very charismatic child. The ability to communicate well with adults doesn’t seem to translate to communicating well with his peers. When Cameron began Kindergarten at age 5 he encountered his first issues with bullying. When he and I moved to California in August 2010 I had hoped that despite the new trauma of divorce that he would somehow escape bullying, but he hasn’t. When I enrolled him in your school, Cameron was also in therapy to help him cope with his peers and grief from the divorce. Within a very short time the confidence he gained from working with you both surpassed his need for psychotherapy. People around us began to remark at how he was opening up again and becoming more social and it seemed he was connecting better with children at school. In the past, Cameron had not displayed any sense of competitiveness or athletic inclination, but Martial Arts has allowed him some level of competitiveness without needing to be overly competitive, has increased his athletic ability, and has helped his leadership skills.
Danielle Inman
July 21, 2016
Our time with Lifetime Martial Arts, Sisk Family, was a wonderful experience. My son started with the Sisk Family when he was 3 ½, and it started as more of a curiosity. Within the first four weeks he had really progressed, and develop a unique love for Martial Arts. Paul is energetic, patient, and really caring. Kellie is a great leader, patient, caring, and thorough. All six of us got to know the Sisk family during the four years of our training, and we can truly say they are amazing, and one of a kind. You wouldn’t be anything but satisfied with what they have to offer. We have gained love, and understanding for what they teach, and we can now say we have developed a  Lifetime of Martial Arts in our family. The Sisk’s gave us our first love for the Martial Arts, and they will forever be in our hearts, on our minds, and we can say we will truly miss them all.
The Owen Family
July 21, 2016
Sisk’s LifeTime Martial Arts has made a huge positive difference for my child. Two years of Tae Kwondo lessons have made my son more fit and more self-confident, and he has fun learning. As an educator, I appreciate Paul and his staff who are all extremely positive, patient, and encouraging. On the other side, I am a principal at Ralph Dunlapp Elementary School in Orcutt, CA. Paul has been our Physical Education program’s best guest presenter. He visited our P.E. classes periodically to share a bit about Martial Arts and to stress the importance of life-long physical fitness. Students love his engaging and encouraging manner. Educators love his emphasis on respect.
Joe Dana
July 21, 2016
I have had the pleasure of working out in Kickboxing under the direction of Kellie for 2 years. Kellie lifted my fitness levels beyond my expectations, always encouraging me to push to the limit and expressing confidence in my abilities. Kellie is thorough in her instructions and always brings something new and challenging to each session. In a short time, I notice my endurance level improved along with my body shape and toning. Kellie is friendly, approachable, and someone who genuinely has a concern for her clients. Having such an experience I am certain I will never find another instructor for whom I would have such respect and admiration. One cannot work with Kellie without feeling good about it. I will miss her greatly. She has made a lasting impression on my life and please know “when I grow up I want to be just like Kellie; You are the best!”
Sonny Adame
July 21, 2016
The Sisk’s and their studio have been such a big part of my daughter’s life in the last 7 months. She loves Martial Arts. You have all been so good to us, never too hard or extreme. You make classes here seem just as important to you, as they are to us. I love that about you guys. Everyone has a “fight in them”. I believe Kellie knows “my fight”. Before taking kickboxing, I was not able to believe in myself the way I should have. Now I am the wife, mother, and woman I have always wanted to be. “Nobody better mess with me now”. Thank you both for all you have done. You deserve the best.
Shawna Aranda
July 21, 2016

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